What happened at the INSPIRING MDG Outing, Recap and MANY THANKS!

By George Fox
Brand25 Media, Director of Media

The Inaugural Metro Detroit Golfers (MDG) was a fitting event for such an amazing group. What an awesome day full of gratitude, inspiration, good work and a little bit of golf.

“Just over a year later it really is unbelievable to have so many people, so many great sponsors, a great place like Boulder Pointe to host us … “ said MDG member and Brand25 Media Founder Kyle “Bogey” Bogenshutz as the event was getting underway on Monday, August 16, 2021 in Oxford, Michigan.

Tim’s Home Course

The man who arranged the outing, Tim Pontzer, was tragically killed in a car crash just 48 hours before it was scheduled to take place. The outing obviously needed to be postponed, but would the MDG members be able to accommodate the change?

The answer is a resounding yes as Mike Sullivan, founder of MDG and founder of Brand25 Media, thanked the nearly 200 members in attendance at Boulder Pointe Golf Club.

Not only was Tim Pontzer the Vice President and Creative Director of Brand25 Media, he was integral to the early days of Metro Detroit Golfers.

“He loved being a part of MDG,” said Sullivan about Tim Pontzer adding how he took every opportunity to interact with members and spread the word about the golf group.

Tim Pontzer’s family was in attendance including his father Jim, his mother Susan and his brother Noah.

“He was so excited,” said Jim Pontzer about his son’s energy after setting up the outing.

“I try to live my life worthy of the kind young man he was,” said Jim Pontzer fighting back emotions to finish out his touching speech.

A Compassionate Cause

Mike Sullivan encouraged the crowd to keep their wallets in their carts for the all inclusive event, but to consider buying a 50/50 raffle with proceeds benefiting the Shades of Pink Foundation. MDG was able to donate a significant amount of money to the cause in the form of two donations. One with proceeds from the outing itself, and the other with what was raised from the on-site 50/50 raffle.

“Be compassionate,” said Jim Pontzer as he went on to describe the Shades of Pink Foundation and it’s amazing work helping women with financial struggles who are stricken with breast cancer.

Next up was hockey legend and 4-time Stanley Cup Champion Darren McCarty to get everyone ready to run through a wall with his inspirational speech. He belted out, “we’ve all seen it on TV or we’ve seen that shot hit! Go hit that shot today! Then try to build on that shot.”

Metro Detroit Golfers in its short history has brought together a large and growing community excited for the sport and ready to give back.

“It’s unbelievable what we all together here have accomplished,” added McCarty.

So Many To Thank

Thanks to former Green Bay Packers and Detroit Lions player T.J. Lang for his support and attendance. I watched in absolute awe as he landed his tee shot about 15 feet out on the par 3 number 8 on the Dunes course.

Thank you to our Presenting Partner Hall Financial, who contributes to MDG in so many ways, but also put on the putting challenge with great prizes up for grabs.

Hall Financial Putting Challenge
Hall Financial Gift Bags

Tri-Covery Massage and Flexibility limbered up the golfers. To which D-Mac commented, “that s#!t works.”

Tri-Covery Massage and Flexibility

The Craft Co. team poured up Coppercraft and Flying Ace bourbon as well as canned cocktails and gave away swag.

Coppercraft and Flying Ace

The 8 Mile Vodka team set up at TWO midway points on the courses to give away gift bags and pour up vodka and lemonade.

8 Mile Vodka

Lasting Impressions Promotional Marketing sponsored Dunes No. 8 tee box and the closest to pin competition.

Lasting Impressions Promotional Marketing

Our good friend Matt Kowalis, founder of Serenity Medical CBD, handed out samples of their products. The delicious orange cream lip balm flavor was new and not on their web store yet!

Serenity Medical CBD

Nick’s Chips offered a huge spread of their snack varieties in Gimmie’s Grille at the clubhouse.

Nick’s Chips

THANK YOU to all of the partners for their support of the Inaugural Metro Detroit Golfers Outing! Thank you to Boulder Pointe Golf Club for welcoming us to their course.

Boulder Pointe Golf Club

And finally, thank you to the MDG members for all you do to help this community grow the right way.

We invite you to stay updated and follow MDG on all of our social channels! Please click here for our list of platforms: https://bit.ly/MDGlinks

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