MDG Tour Card: Frequently Asked Questions!

DESCRIPTION: The MDG Tour Card is an annual membership that will provide special member rates at 30 of the best Michigan public golf courses, 10 simulators, and a number of private courses/resorts. It will also allow you to receive special perks at several great Michigan businesses. The Tour Card will feature exclusive and high end quarterly contests as well. There will be additional rotating offers throughout the year that members will be texted about.

MEMBERS: Limited to 1,000. First come, first serve.

PRE-LAUNCH: 8:00pm on Wednesday December 30th (Text list only. Must text MDG to 545454 to get on the list)

OFFICIAL LAUNCH: 12:00pm on Friday January 1st (All MDG socials)

TOUR CARD COST: $199 for the entire year.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Is this only during golf season?
A: Absolutely not. This is a year round membership. For the cost of around $16 per month, your card will certainly get major use use during golf season, but also plenty out-of-season with simulators, golf resorts, local business specials, contests, and more.

Q: Why only 1,000 members?
A: We’d like to be very clear about this… The tour card is not an entertainment book, and it’s totally fine if you don’t think this is right for you. This is an exclusive membership for 1,000 people. Because most importantly – we want people who will USE it, visit the courses, and get value. It’s specifically designed for someone who will use the card a minimum of 15-20 times per year, in which you’ll without question get your money’s worth and more. We had to draw the line somewhere to be fair to our golf course partners, and chose to limit it to 1,000 passionate golfers. We’ll be doing plenty of other “mass appeal” type opportunities for all 30,000+ MDG members, but the tour card itself will remain exclusive to 1,000 avid golfers for the year.

Q: Why this price?
A: This annual rate was calculated after surveying over 600 people, including MDG members and also golf course partners who provided valuable feedback about the proper price point. The annual rate of $199 breaks down to around $16 per month. Without question, someone who uses this tour card 15-20 times per year, will make more than their money back, and that’s before even assessing the added value of business perks, contests, golf resorts, private course member for a day access, and more. A portion of each tour card’s proceeds will be going directly to local charities as well. We want this tour card to truly benefit both the members and the courses. We tried to fill it with as much value as possible.

Q: I’m afraid I’ll miss out, how do I get one?
A: If you are someone who wants this card, you will definitely have the opportunity to get it. We’re doing a pre-sale to our text message subscribers. Make sure you text MDG to 545454 and you’ll be notified as soon as the card goes live for purchase.

Q: What rate will I receive at the public courses on the Tour Card?
A: Tour Card members will receive 15% off the rack rate, at every public course on the card. Visit www.metrodetroitgolfers.com/tour-card to see the course listing. You’ll also receive a special perk (such as free range balls) at each tour card course. You’ll receive this perk each and every time you use your Tour Card.

Q: What does rack rate mean?
A: It’s the standard tee time rate at the given course. For example, you call and book a tee time at Boulder Pointe. Their rack rate for Friday at 9:00am is $50, including cart. You would present your tour card at check-in, and receive 15% off $50, and you’ll also receive a free range bucket.

Q: What are the exceptions?
A: There are a few standard exceptions:
*You can use your tour card once per week, per course.
*You cannot use your tour card before 12pm on Saturday, Sunday or Holidays. Frankly, this tour card is also very pro-golf course, and we do not want to take away their prime tee slots. Omitting Sat/Sun/Hol before 12pm is what’s fair for everyone.
*This tour card cannot be combined with another offer. (GolfNow, Another golf pass, etc.) It also cannot be stacked on top of discounts. Meaning, if you receive 15% senior rate, you will not receive another 15% on top of that.

Q: Do my buddies get this rate too?
A: The tour card is for you, the individual, not your entire foursome.

Q: Can I book and pay online?
A: The future of the MDG tour card in years to come will be all digital, with mobile app booking. But for the time being, due to each course not having similar technology, it’s a physical card that requires paying in person or via phone. Each course will have a list of all tour card members. You can book online, but must present and pay in person with your photo issued card. This will prevent a “promo code” type model of people using the promo code who don’t have a card.

Q: Wait, so what do I receive at the private courses, simulators, resorts, local businesses?
A: Please visit the official tour card webpage and you’ll be able to read the custom perks/offerings at all of the great simulators, private courses, resorts, local businesses and more. The private course for a day access will be subject to an additional fee. For instance, we will update tour card members that they have access to play, along with your guests, at Indianwood for $50 per person on Monday. 

Q: Is the Tour Card refundable?
A: The Tour Card is not refundable. However, any and all questions should be emailed to Info@MetroDetroitGolfers.com and we will certainly work with you in a fair way, however we can.

Q: How do I get next year’s tour card for free?
A: One of the coolest parts about the tour card is you’ll have an opportunity to receive next year’s card completely for free if you visit courses and complete THIS checklist for us to verify.


MDG TOUR CARD FINE DETAILS: Tour Card members will receive 15% off rack rate, at every single public course on here, when checking in and presenting photo issued MDG Tour Card. You can receive this rate once per week, per course. The only “exception” is that Tour Card cannot be redeemed before 12pm on Saturday, Sunday, or Holidays. And cannot be combined with another offer. Tour Card is non-refundable, barring an extreme situation which we will obviously work with you on! As mentioned, most courses are offering an additional perk for MDG Tour Card holders. You will receive this perk upon checking in and paying. Additionally, Metro Detroit Golfers will give you a free tour card next year if you complete this checklist HERE.

We encourage you to please read our Tour Card Frequently Asked Questions in detail.

CUSTOMER SERVICE: Please send any and all questions about the Tour Card to Info@MetroDetroitGolfers.com.