Tell your friends! #HammerTheOver on DraftKings and make the LA-Denver bet a no-brainer!

Our friends at DraftKings are offering an AMAZING promotion for our entire community! The key part of this is the community coming together so everyone can win!

DraftKings has given us an exclusive #HammerTheOver promo where they will continue to lower the over in the Los Angeles – Denver basketball game the more that you guys come together share and place your bets. The more people that get in on it, the more the total drops!

For example, if the under is set at 214.5, it will drop to 213.5, 212.5, 211.5 and so on for every 1000 people who opt in. Let’s get this thing to zero, it’s a no-brainer!

This goes live on Monday and will continue until tip off! Share, share, share and make this an easy bet! Thanks to our partner at DraftKings for providing such an awesome deal for MDG!