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Phil Mickelson Accepts Challenge From Metro Detroit Golfers!

Phil Mickelson played here in Detroit for the third annual Rocket Mortgage Classic. Upon arriving, he was greeted with a story about his alleged involvement in an illegal sports gambling ring that took place 23 years ago. The article also linked his name to a famous crime family.

Phil was upset and unfortunately said he wouldn’t be returning to Detroit because of this negativity and clear clickbait.

That’s when we here at MDG stepped in! We didn’t want this article to speak for Detroit, or represent our great fans. Instead, we wanted to inject some golf passion and positivity into this entire story.

MDG founder Mike Sullivan exchanged tweets with Phil Mickelson about gathering 50,000 signatures of Michigan golfers who want him to come back. MDG also made a donation of $2,740 to Detroit’s Children’s Foundation, whom Phil played a Pro-Am with on Tuesday to support the Rocket Mortgage Classic’s AREA 313 Challenge and Changing The Course initiative.

This led to Phil mentioning Mike Sullivan by name in his press conference:

Phil said if we can get 50,000 signatures and each person also agrees to do a random act of kindness, he will return!

Mike Sullivan had a chance to briefly talk with Phil on Saturday morning right before his tee time.

Phil and Amy Mickelson also donated $100,000 to Detroit’s Children’s Foundation.

The point of this entire campaign is not to attack, be nasty, or divide… But to rather take a negative situation and turn it into a positive one by simply FLOODING with support and nice messages. We aren’t going to let one negative, irrelevant news article be the story! We’ve instead flipped the story into one of positivity and how passionate Detroit sports fans are. Let’s continue to change the narrative together and rally to get 50,000 signatures by this time next year!