MDG Virtual Golf Show set to run March 11-14

Let’s face it, this pandemic has sucked.

COVID-19 has changed nearly every aspect of our lives and been a detriment to society, businesses and the everyday nature of how we conduct ourselves. One small ‘silver living’ has been the absolute boom seen in golf. While the term ‘spikes’ has been met with a shudder over the last year, the game of golf has seen major spikes in new players, rounds played and overall interest across the board.

Obviously done outside, golf is one of the safest and easily socially distanced activities out there. However, a staple of the winter season is large scale golf shows, usually packing full auditoriums and convention centers full of vendors, golfers, enthusiasts, deals and discounts.

Unfortunately, the pandemic has rendered events like that impossible. It would have been a great opportunity for courses, suppliers and the new golfers themselves to capitalize on the newfound wave of interest. Instead, those large halls and booths will have to wait for at least one more year.

So, we at Metro Detroit Golfers thought of an idea. Why not bring a golf show to our community in a virtual way? We are always looking for ways to best serve our amazing members and provide a platform for interactions, camaraderie and opportunities. Obviously, our group of over 40,000 is housed entirely online, so we decided to launch the MDG Virtual Golf Show.

On March 11-14, we will host an event that is both exclusive and free to all golfers. Our website will feature dozens of Michigan-based courses, companies and other vendors with ‘booths’ just like you would find at an in-person show. The brand new webpage will feature all participating courses, simulators, and golf companies in list-form. Each booth will feature information, deals, promotions and more that is tailored exclusively to MDG members.

Please click HERE to view our complete MDG Virtual Golf Show information packet.

The best part? There is absolutely no cost for golfers, but we do welcome and appreciate donations. Vendors will pay $250 each – a far cry from the literal thousands shelled out at most in-person shows – and 100% of all proceeds will benefit four excellent Michigan golf charities.

“We saw a void with multiple shows across the state being cancelled. We have so many people posting in MDG about missing out on golf shows, so we decided to bring them one,” MDG founder Mike Sullivan said. “Additionally, we are able to help out some awesome local charities with this. It’s really a great opportunity to not only provide the people exactly what they want, but also to further help some great charities at a time when golf is really growing.”

The four charities the MDG Virtual Golf Show will aid are:

– Midnight Golf Program

A charity that is dedicated to equipping young adults to succeed in college, in their careers and beyond through life skills, training, coaching and mentoring via the game of golf.

– Evans Scholars Foundation

A nonprofit organization that provides full tuition and housing scholarships to golf caddies entering college. In 2020, Evans Scholars gave 25 full-ride scholarships across the state. Overall, the foundation has helped over 11,000 caddies graduate from college since its inception in 1930.

– First Tee – Greater Detroit

A charity that impacts the lives of young people by providing educational programs that build character, instill life-enhancing values and promote healthy choices through the game of golf.

– Eagles for Children

A nonprofit organization committed to supporting local charities that aid disadvantaged youth through partnerships with golf clubs. Members at clubs across the country pledge a set amount for every eagle scored on their course during the season. 100% of the proceeds go to organizations serving children in the community selected by the participating club.

Fellow MDG co-founder Kyle Bogenschutz agreed, citing the charity component as the key driver for the event itself.

“This is an awesome chance to really give back in two ways,” Bogenschutz explained. “First, we’re giving our MDG members a pretty cool thing with this golf show. They’ll get access to some great deals and stuff they would usually look for at an in-person show every year. More importantly, we get to use this as a way to benefit these four local charities. So, it is a real win-win for everyone.”

The show will kick off with a live, three-hour broadcast hosted by Sullivan and Bogenschutz live from Red Run Golf Club on March 11. It will feature discussions with local golf influencers and business owners along with a live tally of the fundraising totals.

“We obviously already do everything in a digital manner with MDG, so bringing a golf show to life online seemed like a no-brainer for us,” said Timothy Pontzer, Head of Creative for MDG and Brand25 Media. “This will serve as a great way for many local businesses in the golf space to be able to feature those deals and offerings that they usually would at a big show to a passionate, golf-minded community in MDG. The best part is it will be benefitting some great local causes that are also golf related. So, MDG members will have a chance to participate in something that they usually look forward to every year, but in this case, it is a safe, digital option that will also be benefitting some really awesome charities here in Michigan.”

Interested members and vendors can learn of the latest details and happenings of the MDG Virtual Golf Show by texting ‘MDG’ to 545454.

If you are a course, business or company interested in making a ‘virtual booth’ listing on the page, you can quickly apply by emailing metrodetroitgolfers@gmail.com and putting ‘VIRTUAL GOLF SHOW’ in the subject line and including the following information in your email:

– Business Name

– City

– Brief description of your virtual booth listing

– Call to action item: website link, website promo code, phone number, email, etc.

– Your company logo

We’ll see you on March 11th for the first-ever MDG Virtual Golf Show! Please click HERE to view our PDF with all information for golfers, vendors and more.

(written by Timothy Pontzer)

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