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Headquartered in Rochester, OneStream Software partners with DeChambeau, Leishman and other elite golfers

This past Sunday, millions from around the globe were locked into Augusta National Golf Club for the final round of the Masters.

On the iconic Par 3 16th, Marc Leishman hit a crisp shot to the right part of the green and watched as his ball rolled across the carpet and nearly dropped for an ace. He shrugged, put his hands on his hips and turned to playing partner Justin Rose for a laugh.

As the camera zoomed in on the interaction, Leishman’s left sleeve was in full view on the broadcast, showcasing a company from right here in metro Detroit. In fact, this same outfit also adorns the hats and polos of the likes of Hudson Swafford, Sepp Straka, Denny McCarthy and most recently, Bryson DeChambeau.

The organization in question? OneStream Software, a global firm that is headquartered in downtown Rochester. In a sport that routinely features players plastered with Fortune 500 institutions, OneStream President Craig Colby said that being seen on the likes of DeChambeau and Leishman has really helped the Michigan company stand out.

“We’ve gone big on golf. It all started with COVID and realizing that we did not have as much exposure from a brand perspective as we wanted,” Colby explained. “Signing with these talented golfers has really aligned OneStream with the ‘work hard-play hard’ mentality that we are all about. When we had an opportunity to get on Bryson’s sleeve, we couldn’t pass it up. We’re not Microsoft or KPMG with that kind of brand awareness but we are growing tremendously. Since we sell enterprise level software, we were looking for brand awareness at the executive level and this helped to accomplish just that.”

With OneStream recently opening an office in Australia to join locations across North America and Europe, the worldwide reach of golf helps to mirror the Rochester firm’s scope and growth.

“We’re growing at an exponential rate and sustaining phenomenal growth across the board,” Colby remarked. “We have really exciting momentum. We’re a platform for the office of finance that can be used for planning, budgeting, forecasting, reporting and more. We help people to understand where their business is going both now and in the future. We help to collect all of the datapoints across a company and bring them together to better understand the business and steer better decision-making. When you’re designing software it’s either intuitive and friendly or it’s not. It’s that simple. We strive to be easy to use while helping to solve very complex business problems.”

John O’Rourke, the company’s Vice President of Product Marketing, agreed.

“We constantly hear from clients that ‘With OneStream, my life is so much better’ and that really makes it all worth it,” O’Rourke said. “We really aim to save people time. So now, you can spend less time on the drudgery of collecting data and instead you have more time to analyze it. Most importantly, you have more time for your life. You can see your kids in the evening and enjoy weekends again instead of worrying about work.”

Just as the sport overall mirrors OneStream’s mission, signing one of golf’s newest superstars further mirrors their philosophy and approach.

Bryson is obviously huge into analytics. He’s analyzing the angles of his body, his club speed, the ball speed, the distance, everything,” O’Rourke explained. “We help our customers in the same way. We collect financial data and the pertinent business metrics, revenues and all other information that you need to keep track of.”

Colby agreed, saying that when a different sponsor dropped off of Bryson’s sleeve earlier this year, they pounced on the chance to align themselves with the 2020 U.S. Open Champion.

“They don’t call him the ‘golf scientist’ for nothing,” Colby said chuckling. “The way he plays the game with his single-plane, repeatable system and a very analytical approach reminds us a lot of the way we do things. OneStream provides a single, unified platform that spans multiple processes and simplifies  the setup for every business. Bryson has a tremendous passion for the game with a commitment to his system. We really like and appreciate that about him.”

The agreement is already paying dividends as DeChambeau won the Arnold Palmer Invitational at Bay Hill Golf Course in early March.

“After he won that tournament, we heard from a ton of people,” Colby explained. “Customers, friends, family and even people I hadn’t spoken to in years were reaching out. So many people were proud to be associated with us and it just built a ton of excitement for the brand. We were thrilled!”

O’Rourke said DeChamebau’s victory led to a large increase in digital hits.

“It was great because with every shot of him holding the trophy our logo was front and center,” O’Rourke remarked. “We saw the power of having a winner in golf. We had a lot of social media activity around it. That following Monday there was a big spike in traffic to our website.”

A company that began with two Troy natives in Colby and OneStream CEO Tom Shea simply writing code and pitching it to local automotive clients has now grown to serving over 700 customers while employing 750 across the world. Just last week, the company was given a $6 billion valuation. While being able to see their logo on the sleeve of a Major Champion is exciting, Colby says the company still says humble to its Michigan roots.

“We’ve never looked to grow this company like crazy. Instead, we want to promise delivering success to the clients that trust us. That will breed more success,” Colby said. “That’s our midwestern mindset. We want to grow at a pace where we can still deliver on the concept of 100% customer success. Each of our 750 employees is driven by that.”

(written by Timothy Pontzer)

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