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Bryson DeChambeau discusses Rocket Mortgage Classic with Mike Sullivan and Kyle Bogenschutz

by George Fox
Brand25 Director of Media

Joining the likes of six-time major winner Phil Mickelson and Masters champ, Hideki Matsuyama, DeChambeau says he has an advantage at the Detroit Golf Club.

The defending Rocket Mortgage Classic champion talked with Metro Detroit Golfers founders Mike Sullivan and Kyle Bogenschutz on the tour stop’s media day, June 7.

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Both Sides Of The Game

Maximizing shot distance has been a hot topic and a focus for DeChambeau. “It hurt by the way,” he quipped in response to Kyle Bogey’s question about the transformation of his body and game.

The longest ball hitter on the tour with an average drive of 323.5 yards, Bryson DeChambeau dominated the Rocket Mortgage Classic in 2020 taking home the win, but his short game is also a focus.

“Hopefully, I’m showing a different side of the game that people can learn to hit it really far while still learning to putt and chip while getting those distances,” he said.

Making A Local Impact

The powerhouse professional golfer aims to do some good not only for his sponsors including Rochester-based corporate performance company OneStream Software. DeChabeau said, “the more you can do for the local community is the reason why you play golf.”

Connect 313 will leverage help from Rocket Companies to shrink the digital divide for residents of Detroit. With a call center providing information to channel federal dollars for computers and internet connections to the community it’s a cause close to DeChambeau’s interest in aiding youth education. “It’s something I wanted to put myself behind,” he said and added “being a professional athlete I have the opportunity to potentially change people’s lives.”

Reaching Young Golfers

Getting the youth exposed to golf is important to DeChambeau and he agrees with Mike Sullivan about using social media as a central tactic to that goal.

He explained how growing the game can have many benefits for young people who may be struggling with coming of age in a digital world. “I think it’s the next wave of the future. You know you got all these kids growing up on their phones right?” said DeChambeau who provided his view on the positive aspects of getting into nature as well as the integrity of the sport.

Watch Bryson DeChambeau play in the Rocket Mortgage Classic July 1-4 at the Detroit Golf Club. Get tickets and more information here.

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