Hall Financial and MDG logos along with Donnie Trosper swinging while playing golf

Behind aid of David Hall, MDG set to sponsor Donnie Trosper on his path to PGA

Since our inception less than a year ago, Metro Detroit Golfers has become bigger than really any of us could have imagined.

Started as a simple social media group, we have grown to a community of over 40,000 members. Daily discussions on club selection, course reviews, opinions on PGA pros and much, much more are the norm in MDG along with a variety of aspects we take great pride in.

We have worked with a number of local and national charities to raise funds and awareness for their various causes. We launched a line of merchandise after significant demand from members to be able to wear something with ‘MDG’ on it on the course. We partnered with DraftKings and have been able to offer exclusive bets and groups in their app.

We saw the launch of the 2021 Tour Card, giving exclusive rates at 30 of the best private and public tracks in the state. We were recognized as an official club by the Golf Association of Michigan, meaning our members can select MDG as what they belong to when obtaining a USGA Handicap and GAM membership.

We started a podcast, getting the opportunity to interview the likes of PGA pro Brian Stuard, Stanley Cup champion Darren McCarty, Super Bowl champion T.J. Lang, 500 goal scorer Jeremy Roenick and 8-time Major winner Tom Watson. Also on the podcast, we interviewed Donnie Trosper, a golfer out of Canton who is also an OG MDG member.

We single out Trosper because thanks to his efforts on the course, we are VERY excited to announce what is perhaps our proudest achievement so far.

Trosper will be the first golfer to be officially sponsored by MDG! The Michigan State product will wear the MDG logo out on the Mini Tour circuit in Florida as he works towards earning a PGA Tour Card.

As we wrote about earlier this season, Trosper has already showcased his stuff on the Florida Professional Golf Tour, winning the Daytona Beach Open with a 20-under score over two rounds. Working your way up the ladder is a grind and Trosper will use the sponsorship to be able to enter more tournaments along the way. He played on the PGA Tour twice last year.

“I’m so thankful for this,” Trosper said via a call from Florida. “I’m working hard to make MDG and everyone proud. I just want to say thank you for the generosity.”

The sponsorship will cover Trosper for the next six events. It was made possible by longtime friend and supporter of MDG, David Hall. He was offered the chance to have Trosper wear a Hall Financial hat and promote the service during play, but Hall wanted Trosper to simply wear MDG gear instead. This truly speaks to the community that we have built and the incredible generosity and support from members like Hall.

“I’m truly grateful for David,” Trosper continued. “He’s a great competitor on the course and an even better businessman. To have him support me through these next six events just means so much.”

MDG founder Mike Sullivan believes this marks a huge step for MDG and a testament to what has been built by the community within it.

“This is just an incredible thing that David and Donnie are teaming up for,” Sullivan said. “To think that what started as a group on social media is now helping to support a local golfer make his dreams come true is nothing short of outstanding. I’m so proud to see this happen and want to thank everyone who has made MDG what it is. I can’t believe that we are able to support Donnie this way and I truly want to thank David for stepping up to the plate and making this a reality.”

(written by Timothy Pontzer)

About Brand25 Media, LLC:

Established in 2019, BRAND25 Media is a premier comprehensive digital marketing agency based in Royal Oak, Michigan. Founded by former 97.1 the Ticket personalities Mike Sullivan and Kyle Bogenschutz, Brand25 Media is a full-service solution that serves businesses around the country through social media upkeep, SEO strategies, influencer marketing, podcasting, blog creation, graphic design and recruiting outreach. Through targeted tactics, Brand25 replaces the usual salaried position of a digital media manager, growing alongside partner companies to both bring awareness and build trust in their brand. Named after the fact that the average American spends 25% of their day surfing around their smartphone, Brand25 helps to not only tackle today’s problems in a digital world but also be a true answer for companies looking to be present, have presence and gain prestige online.

For more information, visit https://brand25media.com

Also, BRAND25 is the parent company of Metro Detroit Golfers, the state of Michigan’s largest online golfing community. For more, visit https://metrodetroitgolfers.com

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